Rapid prototype your presentation with SketchyPresentation!

Use this app to create a sketch of a presentation - simple and fast. The free version allows a limited number of presentations and slides to be created.

Buy the basic extension pack to remove this limitation. Additionally, this pack enables the export function, which can be used to convert slides of the desired presentation to images and send them via email for further rework.

How to use SketchyPresentation

Presentation View

The presentation view (start screen) provides an overview of all presentations created with SketchyPresentation.

To create a new presentation, press the corresponding button in the tool bar. The new presentation will open immediately. The presentation can be found later in presentation view.

To open an existing presentation, double tap the preview image or select a presentation by tapping the preview image once and press the edit button in the tool bar at the bottom. Presentation names can be edited by clicking on the name field below the corresponding preview image.

The free version allows testing the app and most of its features. Restrictions can be removed by purchasing the basic extension pack. This in-app-purchase enables you to create unlimited numbers of presentations and slides. In addition, you are able to export selected presentations by selecting the desired export feature.

All in-app-purchases can be found in the popup menu in the tool bar. Previous purchases can be restored in the extension menu.

Editing presentations

While editing a presentation, the current slide will be presented in the main area of the screen. To zoom in and out use the two finger pinch out and pinch in gesture. Moving two fingers on the screen without pinching will move the slide.

Choose different colors on the right side by tapping the pen with the color you like. The selected pen will move left to be marked as active. Besides the color-pens, there is a rubber as well as an undo button.

The left side provides an overview of slides of the opened presentation. Slides can be selected by tapping them. Click the “slide view” button at the top in order to hide or show this area. To edit the list of slides or to add a new slide, activate edit mode by pressing the “edit slide” button at the top. The “presentation view” button saves the current presentation and will bring you back to presentation view. At the bottom right side there are navigation buttons.

In-App Purchases

Basic Extension Pack

This extension pack removes the limited number of presentations and slides and allows to send presentations by email.