The game for all those who are fed up with all the spam in their mailbox: the opportunity to strike back! Stem that spam and battle that bug! BattleSpam rewards your efforts with points for every deleted mail. But be careful: if you are not fast enough, your mailbox will be flooded by spam.


Your mailbox is receiving mails. Mails reaching the inbox become slightly highlighted and have to be read. The task of the game is to read all incoming messages by clicking on them. If you miss a mail the following ones will stack. You'll loose the game, if the mails stack up to the upper brim.

The game screen

At the bottom of the screen you can see your game status. On the right, the current score and your money are displayed. Pressing one of the three buttons on the left side equips your system with add-ons which are explained below.

Type of Mail

Normal Mail

Normal mail is just daily business. You can read the mail to keep your inbox clean and to get a small puffer. If you don't care, the mail will first alert you by turning red and then it will be dropped automtically after a moment.

Spam Mail

This is a spam mail. You must delete this mail, otherwise it will flood your mail account and you are doomed. Receive 10 $ for deleting spam.

Virus Mail

Virus mails look nice. But if you don’t delete them, they will install themself into your system and become difficult to be deleted. You have to click several times to delete an installed virus mail. Receive 50 $ for deleting them.

Phishing Mail

A phishing mail wants to get your money. Do not click a phishing mail if you can avoid it. You will loose 250 $ if you click one.


If you've got the dollars or if you necessarily need it, you can buy some add-ons and make your life a little bit easier. Remaining money will be added to your score at the end of the game.


The Anti-virus add-on will remove a virus from a mail so that a normal mail remains. You can buy a package of 10 virus-mail-converters for 100 $.


The spam-filter deletes all spam mails arriving in the inbox. It costs you 200 $ to delete 10 spam mails. But you receive 10 $ for an automtically deleted spam mail.


The Auto-responder is programmed to read only normal mails. This add-on reads 10 mails and costs you 150 $.